Fitting your own stove

Want your own stove fitting? No problem! Subject to a chat and a survey, we can easily accommodate you. That’s something most companies won’t entertain. Please be careful on purchasing your own stove though.


What you need to know…

Please be careful on purchasing your own stove though. There are some important things to be aware of.

There are many factors to consider before you install you fit your stove.  Below are the key points you need to know before you decide to carry out any stove installation. For non obligation expert advice on stove installation get in contact and we’ll let you know exactly what you need.

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  1. Buying the wrong output or size stove can result in you actually spending more money to rectify the problem. See our looking for a stove page for a brief buying guide or contact us for help. See here for more information.
  2. Buying a stove online means you’re actually buying a stove you’ve not actually seen. It may even be damaged when it arrives. And they are very heavy! Don’t expect any help from the couriers!

3. If you buy a stove from an internet company, Many manufactuers only provide a 1 year gaurantee. Stoves supplied and installed by companies like us generally recieve a 5 year gaurantee. See here for more information. If you have a stove you’ve inherited or been given, bought, its crucial we know its suitable for your home, where you live etc. Be so careful if you intend to buy a second hand stove. From our experience, many second hand stoves can be unsafe and potentially dangerous.

Let us know what you intend on buying, we can happily advise you. see here on buying stoves second hand or online.


  1. THE SURVEY comprises of a free visit to your home at a suitable time and day. During the survey we utilise modern visualisation apps, loads of images of previous jobs and good old brochures for us to gain an understanding of what you want. We discuss any concerns you may have regarding carpets, decorating and the main thing…prices. No pushy sales, No tactics.
  2. THE QUOTE is sent with 48 hours via email or post. We then invite you to our unit where we recreate your required installation using one of our roomsets.  We’ll even source the stove you’re wanting if you’re purchasing from us. This gives you the chance to see the actual stove you’re buying and allows you to ask lots of questions and test our knowledge even further! We take a small £100 deposit to proceed.
  3. THE INSTALLATION is carried out usually within 3 weeks. We call you leading up to the installation to check everything is ok. We also call the day before installation to check access, parking etc. On arrival, we provide dust sheets and if needed, we’ll clear the room area to ensure everything is kept safe. During installation, we keep in contact with you regarding any specific requirements like how big the hearth is etc. As part of our service, we can arrange a delivery of logs from one of our selected suppliers.

  4. THE AFTER SALES is where we really shine! We’ll arrange to pop back and see you at a convenient time to ensure you’re happy with the job and we’ll go through the operation and explain how to maintain your new stove. We’ll also contact you annually through out the summer months to arrnage chimney sweep and stove service to ensure your stove is always in perfect condition. NOW THAT IS UNIQUE!!