Chimney giving you grief… Don’t worry. We’re the experts! We can absolutely help. 


Let us help

Are you experiencing smoke entering your bedroom.. Or next door’s room.. Or your loft space? Are you having issues with debris dropping down your chimney.. Smoke not being carried up the chimney?

We can absolutely help. Contact us and we or our friends at Katie Sweep will pop out. We can carry out a visual check and if required, we can carry out a CCTV camera test to investigate the inside of the chimney.  Most issues can be relatively easily be solved so please don’t worry!

Alongside our friends at Katie Sweep, we can resolve any issues relating to your chimney, flue or stove. Just give us a call today or send us an email.

We can also arrange…

  • Installation of chimney pots that have become damaged
  • Installation of cowls (to prevent birds or weather entering the chimney)
  • To re-line chimneys with stainless flexible liner suitable for wood or coal (or both)
  • To re-line Chimneys for open fires
  • Renew lead flashing
  • Rebuild or repoint chimney stacks

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