How can we help?

Whatever you need relating to stoves, fuel, flues or open fires, just contact us..

We love a challenge and when we say “all things fire”, we mean it.

Our services are not limited to supplying and installing stoves. We can also source and install fireplaces, provide assistance with your existing stove or fire and we can also provide help and advice if you’re having problems with your chimney. We can even source and arrange delivery of fuel to your home.

Looking for a new stove?

If you are looking to purchase a stove from us, you’ve come to the right place. We purposely don’t sell our stoves online. We believe you need some guidance to find your perfect stove. We believe its a life purchase and that’s why we feel its better to come and talk to you in your home first. We have access to almost every manufacturer so we won’t be ‘steering you’ towards a stove that we want to sell you. We can also provide an “ask an owner” service on request. That way, you can ask someone who actually has the stove installed so you can get relevant and honest feedback.


Want your own stove installing?

Want your own stove fitting? No problem! Subject to a chat and a free home survey, we can easily accommodate you. That’s something most companies won’t entertain. Please get in touch!


Need help with your stove?

We offer full annual maintenance for the stoves we install and we can also provide full maintenance for your existing stove. We work alongside a terrific local chimney sweep, Katie Sweep who we’ll co ordinate with and ensure your fireplace and flue is kept in perfect condition on an annual basis. 

You may have moved into your home and inherited a stove. As we say to all our customers, to maximise performance and efficiency from your stove it needs to be fitted right, used correctly with the right wood. Click below for more information.


Chimney services

Chimney or flue giving you grief?… Don’t worry! We’re the experts and can absolutely help. Contact us and we’ll pop out. We’ll carry out a visual check and if required, we can carry out a CCTV camera test to investigate the inside of the chimney. Between ourselves and our friends at Katie Sweep, most issues can be relatively easily be solved so please don’t worry. Just give us a call or click on the button below for further information.



With tight new emission controls being introduced in the coming years, the quality of fuel you burn on your stove is crucial. Good dry logs on your stove provide more heat, better efficiency and keep you chimney or flue clearer. You stove glass will also be much cleaner. We’re proud to work with some excellent local and national suppliers of fuel.

The Log Shed provide a superb service and provide an excellent selection of logs in varied quantities. They’ll even stack your logs in your log shed for a small fee. 

We’re loving some of the new alternative sustainable fuels being developed by our friends at CPL distribution. They’ve developed a superb fuel derived from olive stones which are ground together with 20% charcoal to create an extremely efficient and slow burning briquette burning 40% hotter than kiln dried logs.  They’ve also developed a torrified log made from the small branches of the tree which are usually discarded. These logs burn at incredible temperatures for long periods of time too. 

Contact us for more details.